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1519 Kolner Haus

1520 Albrecht Durer’s Tagebuch

1520s- Mary of Hungary

The gown has been dated to the 1520s based on the fabric weave, the style, and probable connection to Mary of Hungary and Louis II. This connection is not yet substantiated by physical, written, or visual evidence outside the aforementioned style and the potential for the garments to have been presented as gifts to the Mariazell shrine by the royal couple while on a pilgrimage around the time of their wedding.

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1540s (?): Schuste, Meisterstückbuch

1540s- Il Libro del Sarto

1545- 1568: Nidermayr, Meisterstückbüch

1567-Breslau Polish cutting guide

1580: Juan de Alcega Libro de geometria, practica y traça