~ how to use these guides

I have collected as many examples of extant tailoring and dressmaking books as I can to create a virtual timeline very easily accessed by the public.

The archive pages for the “historic guides” tag puts all posts into the order of the date the work was published.

Where there is a single source this is linked in the first paragraph so that readers may go directly to the document.

Where the book is found in parts the title is in the first paragraph and the links are to be found inside the blog post.

I have tried to create a primary image to illustrate what to expect from the book, some of these are images that are combined, some are screencaps of the book as archived, some are single landscape diagrams.

My hope is to drive traffic directly to these open access archives as they have been a vital part of my own understanding of the history of costume, and have allowed me to use these resources I never could otherwise access.

In some cases my images might be easier to pin, in which case I recommend pinning from the individual blog post rather than one of the archive pages as these will change as more books are linked.