||The Frock Chick Files||

||The Gilded Frock||

1671: le Tailleur Sincere

1713: Johannes Stöckhel; Meisterstuckbuch

1724: Wolfsegger; Meister-Stück-Buch

1843 The Ladies Hand-book

1845: The hand-book of dress-making: Including Correct Rules for the Pursuit of the Above Art, and …

1847 The Hand Book of Millinery ..Corset making

1853 The Garment Cutter and Ladies Guide

1875: The Complete Dressmaker for the Million

1876: Guide to dressmaking

1876: How to dress well on a shilling a day: …

1876: The science and geometry of dress

1879-1880: The World of Fashion and Continental Feuilletons

1879: sylvia’s home journal

1881: Instruction book for the French and English systems of cutting, fitting and basting

1883 A System for Cutting Ladies Garments

1883 Baynes Self Instruction

1883-1884: record of fashion

1884 Instructions in dressmaking, basting and fitting