1884 The Improved Franco-American Form

1884 The Original Emerican Lady Tailor System

1885 Cornwell’s new Chart and Sleeve..

1885 L. B. Hale’s Syetm of French Dress Cutting

1885 Ladies’ Cutting Made Easy

1885 The International Encyclopedia

1886 Hecklinger’s ladies’ garments

1887 Studies in plain needlework and amateur dressmaking .

1888 Directions for Cutting

1888 Instructions and Diagrams

1888 National Garment Cutter

1889 Directions for Using the New York…

1889 Garment Cutting Self Taught

1889 Instruction on Leola M. Head’s

1889 Mme Veitch-Simonds Drapery System

1890 Das Buch zum Selbstunterrichten

1890 Instruction Book for the Kellog French Tailor System

1890 Instructions for Using Fountain’s Tailor System

1890 Points of Dress Cutting and Fitting

1890 Prof. M. Kapham’s Kid Glove Fitting