The Soft Pompadour and the Psyche Knot

The Soft Pompadour and Psyche Knot

After all the tangles have been removed, a parting is made, beginning at the forehead and running backward through the centre to the top of the head, but not down the back.

A second and third parting are now made. The second begins on the line of the first parting about two and one-half inches from the forehead. It runs down the left side of the head and terminates an inch behind the ear. The third parting is like the second, beginning at the same point, finishing an inch behind the right ear.

The hair is now in three divisions, the two front ones and the back portion. Before making the pompadour, all the back hair should be carefully combed and tied back so as not to be in the way. The pompadour may then be put up. First smooth the left side, brushing it forward, then up and finally back into pompadour shape. Fasten it at the top of the head with a hair-pin.

Next the right side of the hair is smoothed out, brushed up into a pompadour and pinned securely at the top of the head, close to the place where the left side is fastened. This illustration shows the right side of the hair being pinned into place. After the pompadour is made, the hair should be carefully pulled out withthe hands so as to cover all three partings.

Now the hair is ready to make the psyche knot. Comb out the ends of the pompadour, untie the back hair and comb both it and the ends of the pompadour together.

Brush the long hair up so it can be tied with a narrow black ribbon, close to the head, but about two inches above the nape of the neck. After the hair is tied in place, begin to twist the coil into shape.

Bring the twisted coil up toward the top of the head, shaping it into a psyche effect. Fasten it securely with two or three hair-pins as shown in the fifth illustration.

Then continue to twist the hair until it is all used, coiling it at the same time, loosely around the first part of the psyche knot. Fasten the completed psyche knot with hair pins.

To complete the coiffure, fasten a wide slide just under the psyche knot. two plain tortoiseshell pins, as shown in the illustration, may also be worn.

An attractive hair-ornament for evening wear is a band of gold braid mounted on a velvet band, which is trimmed with narrow ribbon velvet and gold braid.

From Girls Own Paper and Woman’s magazine, 1911.